About Clariana Productions

Clariana Productions are Clara and Anna. We are going back to doing what we enjoy the most. And from London we start by launching Aglaia Festival. Wait and see…


Clariana aims to understand the world in which we live by promoting creative activities

in their many diverse forms, connecting with other cultures, articulating new ideas and promoting creative and cultural expression and offering it to the widest and diverse audience possible.

Clara Holgado


Clara has a strong

track record in international business development and project management in the telecoms, trade and art & culture industries.

She launched her own company in Barcelona to manage artistic careers and tours of such artists as Maria del Mar Bonet or Refree while producing cultural events that toured both nationally and internationally.

Clara has a strong Commissioned by the EU, she designed, directed and produced

the cultural event at the Cairo Opera(Egypt), for the first meeting between the League of Arab Countries and the delegates of the European Commission

She co-founded

Clariana Productions  from London and is now launching Aglaia Festival.

Anna Miquel

Always focused on communication in its various branches, 

Anna Miquel began her career in the field of cultural management in Paris where for seven years she worked as a press agent, manager and road manager for the Paris Barcelona Swing Connection orchestra, successfully touring throughout Europe.

After some years she returned to Barcelona

and worked as a press agent for the production company Swingfònic Productions, launching projects such as Jazz in the Dark, Jazz in Gràcia or the Jazz and Gospel Blues Festival in Roses.

She has also worked as a press agent for the record company Auvidis / Naïve, (Pink Martini, Muse, Maroon Five, etc.) and finally, she founded her own promotion and production company, ComunicArt.

ComunicArt collaborated in the creation of the ASACC (Association of Concert Halls and Music Venues of Catalonia) which she managed for 8 years. ComunicArt carried out the press campaigns of many music festivals. Among others, the Festival del Mil.lenni, Festival Únicas and the Cruïlla Festival.

Anna has worked with artists such as Maceo Parker, Georges Moustaki, Enrique Morente, Maria Bethania, Gilberto Gil, Michael Nyman, Ute Lemper, Maria Friedman, etc.

In 2010, she moved to London,

where after a collaboration with the record company Sargasso she co-founded Clariana Productions.

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